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What are the numbers talking about

 Number of plastic surgeries in the USA

In 2007 nearly 11.7 million aesthetic interventions (with and without operations) were carried out according to the statistics by the Society of American Aesthetic Surgeons.



silimed_modell2_jo.jpgBotox was the most popular aesthetic intervention which does not require any operation. Among plastic surgeries liposuction performed in the lead and was followed by breast augmentation, eyelid plastic surgery and tummy tuck. Among women 10,6 million aesthetic surgeries were carried out, compared to 2006 it means 1 % increase.

Every tenth aesthetic surgeries were carried out on men in the USA.
They were more courageous compared to last year, and the numbers of interventions increased with 16 %. The most popular was the liposuction followed by eyelid and nose plastic surgeries.


46 % of those who have undergone aesthetic interventions (5,4 million people) were between the age 35 and 50, and 21 % of those were between the age 19 and 34.

In Europe most of all the British women and men are keen on aesthetic surgeries. Last year there were more than 30 000 operations carried out in Britain. The British was followed by the Italian, the French and the German patients in the rank.


In Hungary there aren’t any comprehensive statistics on the exact number of plastic surgeries. According to estimates we belong to the European Union average and the most popular aesthetic surgeries are the breast augmentations.*


*Source (http://egeszseg.origo.hu/cikk/0818/763013/20080428)

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