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POLYURETHANE foam coated mammary implant for me? Yes!

Does a perfect breast really exist?



mellimpl.jpgAccording to an opinion originating from the Middle Ages, the perfect breast fits perfectly into the admirer knight’s hand.


Today’s most important preference is the natural look.

But how can we determine the natural breast?


The shape, the touch and the movement of the breast should be natural. It is possible to achieve all of these by using POLYURETHANE mammary implants.

POLYURETHANE foam coated mammary implant for me? Yes!


POLYURETHANE mammary implants provide You more natural look and beautiful breasts. POLYURETHANE implants combine the advantages of the biodesign gel with great elasticity and memory and the POLYURETHANE foam coat to keep their original shape after losing weight.


implant_poliuretan.jpgThese implants are rather recommended for thin women because rippling does not present after implantation.


Specific weight of the POLYURETHANE mammary implant is less than other implants’ thus its using is proposed to reach large size breasts.

After the implantation of POLYURETHANE mammary implants it is not necessary to apply postoperative massage.

By comparison with other implants scientific studies point towards very low rate of capsular contracture, which amounts to around only 1% after ten years of implantation of POLYURETHANE implants.

Guarantee2.jpgAfter the implantation within 10 years SILIMED provides free replacement guarantee in case of occurrence of capsular contracture.




This is a guarantee for You to have beautiful and natural breasts even for a life time.




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