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How to care our breasts

 Natural or not, our breasts need to care so much as the other parts of our body. Why would we neglect them? The sooner we begin to care our breasts is the better, but remember that it’s never too late.


In our early twenties is the best time to set out to do breast care, because our breasts are still beauty and firmly. The main purpose is to keep them in this condition. Unfortunately many people begin to take care of their breasts when they have already remarked the signs of ageing, thus their breasts have already lost their shape and elasticity and become wrinkled.


alkohol_napoz__s.jpgThere are some external and internal influences that may affect harmfully our breasts. These are the followings: excessive sunshine, tanning, unhealthy diet, “Yo-yo effect”, alcohol and smoking. It’s worth paying attention to these!


Because of wrong, bowed posture the muscles may lengthen which cause the breasts become sagging. Whenever You can, square your shoulders! You can save not only the beauty of your breasts with head high, but You may seem to be more self-confident.


An uncomfortable, tight, wrongly chosen bra can do so much harm. If the blood circulation of the breast is not appropriate, therefore serious problems can occur. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s no need to wear bra. If we are not wearing a bra, our breasts won’t be properly supported, so the connective tissues may come loose.


What shall we do for the beauty of our breasts?

mell___pol__s.jpg• The breasts do not have their own muscles, so we cannot train them, thus it won’t be easy like in case of our biceps. But we can train and keep in good condition the surroundings muscles: in front of our chest touch our hands together and our fingers should be straight and outstretched. Move them towards each other for a few seconds, as if we were to crush up something and then loosen them (see on the picture). Every day repeat it few times for a few seconds.


• The proper body care is important in this area too. After having a shower or a bath use body lotion on breasts at least once a day, because of (hard) water our skin may dry up. Already special (firming) creams are available which are specially developed to care the décolletage, and they help to preserve the connective tissues in their condition.


• We can use body scrubs on our breasts - just like on the other parts of our body – which stimulates blood circulation, improve the connective tissues, remove the dead cells of the epidermis, and help to prevent the occurring of the stretch marks (the striaes).


hideg_meleg.jpg• Use a cold-hot shower every day. It can stimulate the blood circulation and make the breasts to be more firmly.


• During the tanning in the solarium or in the sunshine it’s recommended to use sunscreen products, because they are help to protect the texture of the skin.


• Sometimes everybody needs a little more pampering. If you ask your beautician, she will massage not only your facial skin, but your décolletage too.


• Pay attention to our eating habits! Eating lot of vegetables and fruit benefit to our body and to our breasts as well. One more important thing is drinking enough liquids during a day to make our skin become more hydrated.


Do remember that proper care helps the breasts to keep their natural, firm look and shape that could make us to be more self-confident and satisfied.


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