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High Product Quality

High Product Quality

The whole manufacturing process at SILIMED is in strict compliance with national and international standards of quality such as:


iso9001_logo.gifISO 9001:2008

International standard which sets requirements against the company’s Quality System.

Main requirements are the followings: commitment for quality, customer-centred approach, compliance of company’s resources and competence of employees.

Furthermore compliance of process control (included production, service, administration and support processes), quality planning, product design, measurement of processes and products, corrective/preventive actions all belong to the requirements.

T__v_rheinland.jpgEN 13485


International standard which ensure that the company’s Quality System and the development, production, distribution and service of its products operate according to quality standards.
Silimed provides life time guarantee for its products.



Anvisa.jpgANVISA (Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria)

The Brazil National Health Authority was founded 26th January, 1999 by the Brazil Health Ministry.

Its mission is to support the Brazil public health system and to control the quality and safety of medical devices and services.



eu_zaszlo_ce.jpgCE certification

Our quality system is approved by FDA and our products bear CE quality certification approved by international regulatory authorities.



That gives a guarantee that the choice of raw material, product development, manufacturing, customer service and the transportation of an authentic company meet the high requirements.
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