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Aesthetic surgery with positive psychical impact

 meditacio.gifOn the annual meeting (2008) of the American Plastic Surgeons Society was aslo discussed that how aesthetic surgery can infuence the patients’ self-esteem and the quantity of consumed drugs (antidepressants).

On the conference, held in San Francisco there were presented results of a study which examined the drug taking habits of 362 patients who had already undergone aesthetic surgery.

17% of patients (61 persons) are regularly taking antidepressants. After 6 months the number of those patients decreased to 42 persons. What’s more 98% of the patients said that the aesthetic surgery enlarged their self-confidence.

“The patients want to do something to feel better, and therefore they want to change something that bothers them for a long time – said Dr. Bruce Freedman, the author of the study, then continue: “We do not say that plastic surgery is the only reason why they neglect the drugs, but it can seriously affect them.”


“We begin to realize the benefits of plastic surgery. We provide solutions for our patients’ problems which were impossible to solve them so far, and thereby increase their self-confidence.” – said Dr. Freedman.*


*Source: Betegszoba.hu (http://www.betegszoba.hu/?r=150)


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