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A Piece of Brazil

 From glorious Past to successful Present

rio_de_janeiro.jpgSILIMED was established in 1978 in Rio de Janeiro.

In the beginning the small company deal with commercializing silicone mammary implants which were imported from France.

In 1981, in order to better attend its clients, SILIMED began to manufacture its products in Brazil, in a small laboratory compatible with the technical requirements of those days.

One year later, it was already exporting to other countries in Latin America, and in the following years it grew to win the world in several specialties.

Sunshine, Carnival, Silicone

brazilia_karnev__l.jpgAt present SILIMED manufactures a wide range of silicone implants and exports to all over the world and owns almost 80 % of the Brazil market. Brazil – where only in Rio de Janeiro there are more than 600 plastic surgeons working - ranks second behind the USA in the ranking of world’s silicone consumer market.

In Brazil not only samba and carnival are belong to the most important things but the beauty and opulent bosom as well. The numbers of breast implantations increased with more the 30 % in 1998 and 1999 in Brazil and all over the world. In the year of 2000 there was again a dynamic development.

This caused to be opened SILIMED’s second factory.

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