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New Generation of Mammary Implants

New Generation of Mammary Implants

I’ll never forget those eager looks when I walked down the street right after my breast implantation wearing a new low-cut dress. My appearance has completely changed and this made me to be satisfied and feel full with positive energy.  

 I have been hesitating for long before my decision. I tried to accept that I slowly would become 40-year-old and after having two children my breast went out of their shape. My husband loves me and he is proud of me....in spite of this I couldn’t manage to do that.


I haven’t been able to put on a nice, slinky dress for years, not to mentioned wearing a bikini. When I was naked and looked into the mirror, I was totally ashamed of myself. I lost my self-confidence in my work and of course in my private life.


One year before I decided to have breast implantation and I must tell the truth that my life has fully changed.

And something has changed.....


I think I’ll never forget those eager looks when I walked down the street right after my breast implantation wearing a new low-cut dress. From the first time I got positive acknowledgements.


My husband’s attitude and our relation have changed in a good way. It was how I could strengthen myself and my belief in my physical attraction. But I do not dare to declare that my new breasts were the source of my success, but it’s really true that I found my feet.


Now I know that the breast implantation was my best decision I have ever had in my life.


My best friend could tell about what was really happened with me after the implantation: in her opinion my appearance is sparkling and this fills everybody up with positive energy.


Body and Soul in perfect harmony


Do not forget that Beauty and Wellness are not only involved with your healthy body and good-working organs but your well-balanced mind. Confidence and self-esteem are necessary to go through our life in a good way.

On the annual session of the American Plastic Surgery Association there were discussed how efficiently aesthetic surgery can influence patients’ mood and the amount of taken antidepressant pills and these facts are confirmed by results of former researches as well.



The “New Line” to your Beauty

With more than 38 years of acquaintanceship with the plastic surgeons, SILIMED has opted not to speak of a new concept, but of a new line. A new line of mammary implants helps to plan and develop a customized result for the biotype of the patient, therefore the name: BIODESIGN.

In addition to this wide range of shapes and dimensions, our implants were filled with the high performance Biodesign gel, were designed to adapt to the thoracic wall in the best way possible.
BioDesign POLYURETHANE foam coated mammary implants provide significant advantages when compared to other types of mammary implants. Throughout the last twenty years, several scientific studies have been made with a large number of patients. They point towards very low rates of capsular contracture, which, in some studies, amounts to around only 1% after ten years of implantation.


These quite low rates are attributed to the micro-encapsulation of the fibroblasts on the POLYURETHANE foam matrix. Due to this active scarring process, instead of a single linear capsule with great contractile ability, - as occurs around textured and smooth implants, what is observed is the formation of a number of small capsules, thus neutralizing the contraction vectors. As a consequence, the occurrence of capsular contracture is drastically reduced.


Another benefit of the POLYURETHANE foam is its ability to adhere to the tissues, reducing the occurrence of displacement or rotation of the implant to practically zero.


These unique characteristics conferred by the POLYURETHANE foam coat, allied to the gel of great elasticity and memory, result in breasts which are natural and soft to the touch.


Implants of the future – SILIMED POLYURETHANE foam coated mammary implants

mellimpl.jpgDoes a perfect breast really exist?

According to an opinion originating from the Middle Ages, the perfect breast fits perfectly into the admirer knight’s hand.


Today’s most important preference is the natural look.


But how can we determine the natural breast?


The shape, the touch and the movement of the breast should be natural. It is possible to achieve all of these by using POLYURETHANE mammary implants.


POLYURETHANE foam coated mammary implant for me? Yes!


POLYURETHANE mammary implants provide You more natural look and beautiful breasts.

implant_poliuretan.jpgPOLYRETHANE implant combines the advantages of the biodesign gel with great elasticity and memory and the POLYURETHANE foam coat to keep its original shape after losing weight.


These implants are rather recommended for thin women because rippling does not present after implantation.


Specific weight of the POLYURETHANE mammary implant is less than other implants’ thus its using is proposed to reach larger size breasts.


After the implantation of POLYURETHANE mammary implants it is not necessary to apply postoperative massage.

Guarantee2.jpgBy comparison with other implants scientific studies point towards very low rate of capsular contracture, which amounts to around only 1% after ten years of implantation of POLYURETHANE implants.

According to the high quality standards Silimed undertakes life time guarantee for all of its products. After the implantation within 10 years Silimed provides free replacement guarantee in case of occurrence of capsular contracture. This is a guarantee for You to have beautiful and natural breasts even for a life time.

Shapes and Sizes

implant_anatomiai.jpgBefore the implantation You with your doctor have to choose what kind of implant you want to have. You have to decide about not only the size but about the shape to find the best fitting implant for You. Silimed provides round and anatomical (tear-drop) implants.


The anatomical implants are recommended to achieve more natural look, because they can adapt best to natural body contour.


SILIMED provides wide range of shapes and sizes of mammary implants to bring a great possibility of making the right choice of implant for You.


Choose the dream implant for You!

We help you to know more about Silimed mammary implants.



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