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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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What is silicone?

Silicon is widely used by medicine; there are probes, catheters, needles, pacemakers, gloves, surgical plasters which are made of silicone. Silicone is used to produce implants for body contouring surgery. The silicone polymers were licensed in 1958.

szilikon.gifThe silicone is a macromolecule which contains polydimethylsiloxane, siloxane (Si-O-Si) polymer bonds.
Structure and properties of the polymer also depends on whether it has one or two of organic methyl group number. If it has only one produce rigid resin, if it has two and the siloxane bonds are curt produce silicone oil and if the bonds are longer then produce plastic materials.


Can emerge a silicon allergy?


Although any kind of allergy can occur but silicon allergy is very rare. Usually we contact every day with silicone, it can be found in most of cosmetics, detergents and even in foods.


Does the breast implant change my appearance?


Yes. A breast implant can provide You very natural look and feel - the oncological aspects are of course play an important role. Breast augmentation can dramatically improve the patient’s appearance in compliance with her wish.


About breast implants


Silicone implants used for breast augmentation are very safe. Scientific researches proved that these implants have no carcinogenic and autoimmune disease causing effects.


equam.jpgEQUAM (European Committee On Quality Assurance And Medical Devices In Plastic Surgery) supported this fact in their Declaration about Breast Implants released in Regensburg in 4 July, 1998.

10 points of EQUAM:


1. Silicon is an essential material and widely used in our everyday life. At present we still don’t have other possible opportunity instead of it. On other regions of medicine and surgery have been using silicone implants and medical devices. These are usually essential to our prosperity and also to survive.

2. Studies continuously prove that the silicone gel filled implants do not cause breast cancer or other malignant disease.

3. Available scientific, clinical, immunological, epidemiological studies prove that silicone gel-filled implants do not cause any autoimmune or connective tissue disease.

4, There is no scientific evidence of existence of disorders such as “silicone allergy”, “silicone intoxication”, “atypical silicone disease” or “new silicone disease”. In relation to every implant a normal foreign body reaction could emerge but that is no immune disease.

5. The silicone implants do not affect harmfully either the pregnant or breast-feeding or the health of breastfed children.

6. Patients who have breast implants need regular control and (if it is necessary) the breasts need to have instrumental examination.

7. The laboratory tests for detection of silicone have no clinical value. So far they could not manifest any specific anti-silicone antibodies.

8. According to EQUAM there is great need for a coherent, workable and special EU regulation for silicone implants.

9. EQUAM calls for continuous clinical and basic researches on breast implants and further development of new technologies.

10. Objective media communications are needed to reassure the patient. EQUAM provides the latest data for the doctors and the media


What is capsular contracture?


When the body is healing around a foreign substance, such as the implant, it is forming resistance, which surrounds the implanted material. This "formation of a capsule" is a normal body reaction to the material, and it means isolation and protection.

After the intervention there can evolve swelling and weakness, when these symptoms ease up the breast become more flexible. In the next few weeks the capsule will take shape. Most of the capsules are soft and flexible, but sometimes the capsules become thick around the implants, and can develop in different grades e.g. it can develop in only one breast or in both, can develop within a few months or suddenly years after the surgery.

A capsular contracture may result firmness, discomfort, occasional pain in the breast, or may cause distortion of breasts. These symptoms depend on the pressure around the implant.

It has already recognized that in case of the application of POLYURETHANE coated implants the capsular contracture practically does not occur, and these implants provide more soft and natural look for women.


Incision placement


bemetszes_mell_alatt.jpgIncision under the breast

Mostly the incision is in the natural creases under the breast. In case of good healing tendency this kind of intervention results a barely visible, hidden scar.
The cavity where the implant will place in is clear and precise symmetry can be achieved with it.


bemetszes_bimbo_korul.jpgIncision around the nipple

In this case the incision is on the edge of areola, on the boundary of two shades leather.
It is very important that the patient should have sufficiently large areola. This technique is applied in case of breast augmentation combined with breast lifting.


bemetszes_honaljban.jpgIncision underneath the armpit

The incision is underneath the armpit. The cavity which is capable for admitting the implant must be formed with endoscope, that’s why the size and the form of implants are limited.
For the patients with inefficient wound healing process is the only possible surgical method.


Where to place the implant?


implant_helye.jpgDirectly under the glands:

The implant takes place directly under the gland and above the pectoral muscle. The advantage of this technique that the implant moves together the own breast tissue, and follows the position of breasts even after years.
The disadvantages that in case of those women who have thin breast tissue their implants may become palpable and visible after years. Also rippling can occur frequently. So this technique is beneficial for those whose breast tissue is sufficiently thick, dense, and flexible.


implant_helye_izom_alatt.jpgBehind the muscle:

The whole implant or only the top half or third of it get under the pectoral muscle. This technique is recommended in case of patients who have little own breast tissue.
The main advantage is that the implant is in a hidden place and its contour is rarely visible, and rippling occurs very rarely.



Could strias occur on the breasts’ skin after breast augmentation?


mell.jpgStrias occur very rarely, if the size and shape of the implant is chosen considering Your physical characteristic.

I have to undergo a mammography. Do my breast implants influence the result of the examination?

It is very important to tell the doctor before the mammography that you have breast implants, because your breasts need to have special views, placement techniques and more attention.

Do the breast implants influence the occurrence of tumorous diseases?


According to comprehensive studies women with breast implants do not suffer more frequently from breast diseases such as women without breast implants. The breast implants do not have any effect on cancer’s development.
Neither human nor animal studies could not detect the occurrence of breast cancer in case of using smooth, textured and polyurethane implants. However science always assumes theoretical risk.


Do autoimmune diseases occur more frequently among women who have breast implants?


No. There is no connection found between silicone gel-filled breast implants and the occurrence of autoimmune diseases.


How long does a breast implant last?


Each body shows a unique reaction to a foreign substance. Therefore in case of each implant there is no rule how long they last. Referring to this fact data can be found in earlier published studies. This shows that the average lifetime of the breasts implants is around 10 years. Due to the modern implant technology the expected lifetime of the current implants will be much longer. Especially younger patients may have to face that their implants have to be exchanged no matter of the manufacturer or the type of the implant.

How to prepare for the consultation?


Ask your doctor everything you want to know. Prepare for the conversation; make a list of your questions about the breast augmentation. Discuss these with your doctor thoroughly. It is very important that you make an own, clear and precise decision before you undergo a surgery.

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